How to Wholesale Properties

What is it?

How to wholesale properties is simply putting a (below market value) wholesale investment property under contract with the intention of selling the contract to another real estate investor quickly for a profit.

How to wholesale Properties

When wholesaling houses, the wholesaler puts under contract investment real estate with the sole desire to sell the houses, or more-so the interest in the houses, without doing any improvements or updates to the wholesale property. If there is a large profit margin, it is usually better to do a double closing so the buyer doesn't see how much profit you are making on the wholesale investment property.

Wholesaling Properties (Pros):

  • Able to make cash fast(usually less than 30 days)
  • Very limited or no cash needed to get started
  • Very limited liability
  • No credit needed
  • No tenant headaches
  • No contractor expenses
  • Great way to build investment capital
  • Great entry into real estate by building your network

Wholesale Properties (cons):

  • No long-term wealth building passive income ability
  • Generally small($3k-10k) profits on each deal
  • Provides few tax benefits
  • Must continue wholesaling houses to make money

Why should I wholesale properties?

Wholesaling houses is the cornerstone of many successful real estate investing businesses. The 2 most important things real estate wholesaling will teach you as a Smart Lazy Investor are sales and market. Whether you realize it or not, everything you do involves sales and marketing. From asking someone out on a date, negotiating a better price for a tv, or convincing a friend to see the movie you want to see, these are all selling someone on you, your point of view, or your idea. The nice restaurant you offer to take the date on, the cash in hand for the tv, or the cool trailer you show your friend on your phone are all marketing. If you aren’t good at either one, wholesaling will teach you these skills as painlessly as possible, and make you a much more successful real estate investor in any niche you choose to pursue.

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