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Smart Lazy Investor Group is the premier real estate investing group that is about to share with you free ebooks, videos, audios, courses, manuals, contracts, blueprints, and property investment tips from the most successful real estate investment educators in the business. 

Are you sick and tired for paying for courses, bootcamps and crappy coaching, or having gurus hit you up for your investment capital every day for a different product to help you get rich from their real estate tips? We're tired of their crap too, so we are sharing with you all of our insider real estate investment resources 100% for FREE! Just sign up to the right to get started receiving completely free real estate investing tools, courses, videos, ebooks and more!

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Learn how to be a smart lazy real estate investor. When most people get started learning real estate investing, it is with the goal of owning a lot of investment properties that produce a lot of passive monthly income. While buying rental property may give you something to brag about down at your local pub and a feeling of importance being a Landlord, the real goal of real estate investing is the money the  investment property produces. If real estate investments only cost you money and didn’t make you money, no one would be interested in real estate investing. So, lets begin at the beginning, and figure out how you want to make money investing in real estate. Below are the top real estate investor strategies in the world of "Investment How To".

Real Estate Wholesaling – tying up a property with a contract to sell that contract to another investor or end buyer without needing investment capital or credit, and making a few grand per transaction with little to no risk or liability.

Property Flipping – using hard money or private money to purchase an investment property at a discount that is in need of repair, fixing the property up to a retail standard, and making a large chunk of cash when you sell.

Income Property Investment / Being a Landlord - buying rental property for passive monthly income, a hedge against inflation, and potential appreciation.

Short Sale / Pre-Foreclosure - assisting distressed homeowners with their delinquent mortgage, and helping arrange a deal with the bank that makes sense for an investor to buy the house given current market conditions.

Lease-Options / Subject-To - buying investment property subject-to the existing mortgage or with a lease-option with the intention of using it as a rental for passive income, or lease-optioning it to an end buyer for passive income and the potential additional payoff of them exercising the purchase option.

Commercial Real Estate Investing - making an income property investment in office buildings, retail properties, hotels, apartment complexes, or nearly any other property aside from a single family through 4 family property.

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1) Actually USE the info we share with you to grow your real estate investing business.

2) Share with us your expertise, or ask us questions which we will answer, that will help us make the site better and help the entire property investment group.

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Smart Lazy Real Estate Investor Group

The first step to become successful as a smart lazy real estate investor is investing in yourself. Every single successful real estate investor we know dedicates some of their most valuable investment capital, their time, to improving themselves by reading books, joining an investor group, attending seminars, and of course listening to audio books. Developing the right mentality will help you to see more possibilities.

If you are constantly afraid of failing, you will continue to focus on failing and continue to fail. Break the downward spiral! We highly recommend watching, reading and listening to; Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and any other positive personal development or business expert you can find. We continue to listen audio books every day while we work out, fly in a plane or drive in our cars. We highly recommend you do too to develop the right mindset to be successful like the rest of our smart lazy real estate investor group.

Being a Real Estate Investor

Learn from a successful real estate investor group that operates with the highest levels of honesty and integrity. The only thing we won't share is our identities. Other educators who teach 'real estate investment how to' that we have worked with would be very mad at us for sharing every aspect of real estate investing that they have gotten rich charging you for. We want you to use your investment capital to invest in real estate, not pay for our new cars. We will not charge you for anything on Smart Lazy Investor. When we do send you information about a product or service that does charge a fee, it is because we use that service in our own real estate investing business, or we know the educator providing it, and it is actually worth buying because it will save you time and money in the long run.

We have a list of services on our Investor Resources pages. They do include affiliate links, so we will be paid a few bucks if you purchase the products or services that we share to help you improve your business. These are services which we have found to be some of the most valuable and we use most of them ourselves. If you search around the internet, you may find similar services cheaper. If you do, let us know and we'll share them with our community. We are Smart Lazy Investors and would rather someone else do the searching for us and provide us with a convenient list.

Anytime we may be paid money for promoting anything, we will disclose it to you. We are not here to be salespeople. We are here to provide you with the real estate investing resources to be successful investors.

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Smart Lazy Real Estate Investor Group Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)...

What Gurus have you worked for, and what real estate investor resources can I get for free?

We have worked for/with/as Gurus/Educators and have acquired the best real estate investing guides, contracts, courses, blueprints, ebooks, videos, etc. For obvious legal reasons we can't use their names, but our investment group has everything available for you that works right now from the top experts in the industry, and all for FREE :)

Will I have to give you my credit card information to get access to the "free" real estate investor resources

No, we will never ask you for your credit card information for access to Smart Lazy Investor, or to receive our newsletter packed full of resources. We want you to use your money as investment capital, not to buy us another Lexus, Jaguar or BMW. We will send you the best insider real estate investing info our investor group is willing(and sometimes unwilling) to share. Just sign up to the right. You can unsubscribe from your 100% free subscription to our investor newsletter at any time.

Do you guys sell any real estate investing products to the subscribers of your investor group?

We do have a couple of ebooks and courses we charge a small amount for, mainly so they won't be taken for granted. We do not actively try to sell real estate investing products or services for other people, and we will not bombard your email with every guru product launch. Every once in a while we do share something that is truly worth the money. Most of the time we won't have an affiliate relationship with the person or people offering the product or service, but if we ever do, we disclose it fully.

We will only recommend truly great products or services we use in our own business. No bs. We have seen too many beginning investors give all their investment capital to "Gurus" for watered down courses that don't work, and tens of thousands for "Coaching" that is little more than a once per week investment group pep-rally. We want You to succeed at property investment via whatever niche(s) you feel the most comfortable pursuing, and we want to help you do it all for, you guessed it: FREE!

Disclaimer: Smart Lazy Investor is not affiliated with the usual real estate gurus, agents, salespeople or the National Association of Realtors. We are not trying to get you to buy a course, coaching, or some overpriced property. We are real estate investing experts who know ALL of the real estate investment secrets of the Pros, and we want to share them with you for FREE right now! Just sign up to the right to gain access to the best real estate investor tools available.